Chris Darrell – NYC (open to relo)

Summary of Qualifications

Utilized extensive web design, copywriting, and creative marketing methods to found and grow a highly successful internet-based subscription company. Proven ability to create unique brands, manage multiple projects, hiring effective and sharp teams, and developing mutually beneficial business relationships. Produced compelling and emotional print, video, outdoor, digital, and direct mail campaigns across numerous industries.

Professional Experience

Co-Founder/Creative Director: The Fantasy Box LLC

San Francisco, CA – September 2012 to Present

    Began in a one room NYC apartment working off-hours with no funding. Created a unique product with mass appeal. The company is thriving with 1500 subscribers, >1.3 million in annual revenues, and >20% yearly growth on a shoestring budget.


    Fantasy Box Product Management/Marketing Achievements

• Achieved consistent yearly growth through a multimedia website, driving organic business growth through referral and testimonials, sales and trend analysis targeted creative campaigns including print, video, web, and social media (IG/FB/T). Top seasonal marketing (“12 days”) campaign created 300% sales increase, and 500% customer engagement.
• Automating/integrated internal CRM processes across multiple databases (including a full email drip customer lifecycle)
• Achieved first page SEO rankings for product/industry keywords.
• Developed business partnerships with some of the preeminent deal and publishing sites in our industry including Gilt City, Groupon, How About We, YourTango, and TheKnot.
• Facilitated affiliate partnership with Commission Junction and over 100 affiliates. Negotiated box reviews in magazines including Cosmo, Men’s Health, Woman’s Health, PopSugar, and LiveStrong along with the biggest lifestyle, fashion, and mom-blogs online. Supported our appearance as a featured product on “The View” and mentions on other prime time television, radio, and web shows.
• Negotiated and facilitated franchise deal in 2015 into the UK.
• Achieved and maintain 4.3 star Google rating and 95% customer service satisfaction.
• Cultivated relationships with and received endorsements by some of the world’s most influential therapists, bloggers, and writers including Ian Kerner, Andrea Miller, and Tracy Clark-Flory.

    Fantasy Box Web Site Development and Maintenance Achievements

• Saved >$200k by designing and building entire systems infrastructure from scratch including recent migration/integration to Magento. Devised entire front end design and backend schema (file structure and database) including billing interfaces. Hired and supervised all supporting employees, managed system and databases, supervised all maintenance, code changes, bug fixes.
• Matured the web site through all iterations to accommodate new business directions, products, advertising, and social media campaigns. Responsible for the creative identity, copy, flow, design, UI/UX for every reiteration.
• Automated dozens of manual processes to cut back on wasted hours.

Senior Copywriter/ACD – 15 Degrees

New York, NY – September 2011 to September 2013

    Responsible for creating high-concept, story-driven campaigns and brand development, from inception to delivery, in a team environment in order surpass existing client’s expectations and generate new business for an award-winning boutique ad firm in NYC.


• As lead writer, worked with a talented team to create award-winning print, video, outdoor, digital, and direct mail campaigns across many industries – banking, healthcare, food and beverage, finance, energy, retail, and more.
• Brought a heartfelt letter to life in the form of a video testimonial, which was used by the SIUH fund raising team to greatly elevate contributions for their endowment.
• Created series of drive-to-web videos, print, documentation, and web in a massive campaign that lead to 400% increase in cardiac appointments and astounding page visit statistics.
• Lead in developing multi-million-dollar regatta race documentary for CEO of Russian power giant Gazprom (most profitable corporation in the world at the time).

Freelance Copywriter – Barnes and Noble
San Francisco, CA – May 2011 to Sept 2011

    Contract in-house web copywriter for the Nook product.

Senior Business Analyst – 20th Century Fox
Los Angeles, CA – Jan 1996 to Feb 2011

    Redesigned websites and created business processes (UI/UX) to update outdated processes/systems.


University of Colorado
BA – Business
Colorado Technical University
Certificate of Programming


Advertising, Marketing, Programming
Advertising/Marketing (10 years), Photoshop (8 years), Programming (10 years) Coldfusion, Javascript, SQL, PHP, Database and system design, Testing (15 years), Sharepoint (5 years)