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The tattoo industry has historically been disconnected from mainstream advertising. One studio, a few artists, repeat business, and referrals were, and still are, the primary business plan. Do an Instagram search for tattoos. You’ll find a seemingly infinite and ubiquitous pool of talent from around the world.

Not Certified. With four stores, and insane investment in technology, branding, innovation and facilities, they employ more artists than any other studio.

So how do we build a  big-brand feel in an industry known for its grapevine-style existence?

Step outside the typical tattoo studio advertising box. Create fun, viral video content highlighting unique existing branding, differentiators, and value proposition. I spent weeks researching the industry, learning the business, and developing several pitches for tv-quality video ideas.

“ Everyone with skin is welcome.”

Spot #1 – Bad Tattoos (Sarah McLachlan Parody)


You don’t typically think of humor when you think of tattoos.” Certified wanted short web spots that show the lighter side of the tattoo industry and the unique atmosphere they provide.


There is no commercial more sobering than the Sarah McLachlan dog commercials.
Juxtapose with something considerably less serious and voila!


We achieved record likes and shares and a 20% increase in tattoo reservations during the campaign.

Spot #2 – Spotlight on Technology


Between removal lasers and state-of-the-art facilities, Certified invests in technology more than any other studio. The most recent is AR software that shows the design on your body before getting the tattoo.


Create an explainer video that showcases this new technology and how it gives hesitant customers a reason to come in.


Branding has driven a whole new demographic of customers who have always wanted a tattoo but were hesitant about the permanence.

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