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Great websites are updated about once a year. Keeping up with the most recent technology, trends and design styles is critical to your business and it’s relevance.
I have 20+ fully responsive sites (and apps) using WordPress, Elementor/WPBuilder, HTML, CSS, custom design/templates, Shopify, motion design, apps,  and dozens of other technologies and methodologies.

My Little Magic Shop

My Little Magic Shop is a startup that sends spiritual rituals in a monthly box format. With their original concept and instruction-based experience, there were many similarities with the Fantasy Box. But as you can see below, their website was a long-time collection of ideas and brain-dumps: a million ideas, tons of great content, products, and categories, but no sense of organization or style.


Covered is a luxury clothing boutique in Cherry Creek, CO. They needed a total data migration. website redesign and POS system setup.


Have you ever heard of scroll sequencing? Do you know how to write and produce an animated script? What about isometrics?

Scroll Sequencing
It’s not coincidence that Apple uses this technology. Slick and engaging.
Isometrics, 2D, 3D and motion graphics.
Video, Video, Video
People don’t want to read anymore. Show them.

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